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We connect pet owners with vets whenever they need it, and help keep pets calm and comfortable. You can jump on a video call and get advice from a vet without the need to travel or wait.

Video consultation can help you:

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We help vets and veterinary clinics provide the best possible healthcare, utilise clinical resources more effectively and enhance the human-animal bond by leveraging new technologies.

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Telemedicine can augment existing veterinary services by:


We believe that the remarkable strength of the human-animal bond contributes to mutual wellbeing. We also believe that technology can enhance this bond.

Our goal is to move beyond treatment and towards prevention. We start by providing timely, affordable and relevant healthcare services that address pet health problems and move towards improving owner understanding of what contributes to the wellbeing of a pet.

Dr Thom Jenkins

MA VetMB MRCVS, Founder & CEO

Following his work establishing the first international group of veterinary clinics in Asia, Thom has aided the growth of one of the leading UK veterinary groups, by levering his strong background in clinic operations, veterinary performance management and marketing. Having qualified as a veterinary surgeon and achieving a first class degree in zoology at the University of Cambridge, Thom has extensive directorial experience running international veterinary groups.

Anthony Mann

Product Design

Apple alumni and the founder of Make Us Proud - a digital product design agency - Anthony offers product design experience that has helped multiple startups gain long-term success.

Nuno Campos

Software Engineering & Consultancy

Having extensive background in finance and software engineering, Nuno is part of the strategic effort behind Gula.

Gula is also partnered with YLD - one of London’s fastest growing software engineering consultancies working with European brands such as The Economist, Trainline and Thomas Cook.

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